Wednesday, 28 November 2018

what took me so long? | life update

So, you may have noticed that there have been some changes to my blog. A lot of changes, actually. A new title, colour scheme and focus. What is all of this in aid of, I hear you ask? I finally thought that I had prioritised.

With my third year of university nearly halfway done (help me I'm scared), I definitely felt a shift in my priorities. I've had far less of a social life than I ever did in my first and second years, partly due to my best friend having been in the year above me and thus graduating already. I have been well and truly left to my own devices, and as a result I have focused largely on my work. As a result of this, sadly, pastimes such as my blog have seemingly deceased. That's not to say that I haven't had my fun moments, but I've had to put a hold on my creativity for the sake of my degree. Sad times.

Recently however, I have had a surge in creativity that has led to a new blog, design and topic that I wish to maintain throughout what's left of the year, into the new year and, hopefully, beyond. I am very excited about the direction of where things are heading and the kind of content that I am considering. Hint hint, one of those ideas will definitely be Blogmas. I can't really think of a better motivator to get into blogging than the Christmas season, so to combine the two together seems perfect. 

I hope you all enjoyed.
Chloe x
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